Potpourri of missionaries…and investigator!

How could you not love being on a mission with these great people.  Top left, Lyndsey is an investigator and we were in her home doing some painting.  Sisters White and Thompson were also there.  Right is a night shot of same missionaries, right center  two identical twins with same name, Sister Messias Da Silva…she’s on the right, sister Maea is on the right.  Sister M forgot her badge and borrowed one for the day.  Middle left are Sisters Matthes and Troescher with the mission angel.  Lower pix, left to right Sister Teriihaunui, Sister Jorrahke and Sister Thompson.   Elders Baker and Seeling and Sisters Troescher and Matthes!  Happy is a wonderful way to describe these missionaries!

Multi-cultural mission…!

 We went to visit the Elders in Hackham West area and they were a threesome.  Elder Fepuleai, from New Zealand, top left.  Top right is Elder Touma from Ecuador, lower left Elder McDonald from South Africa.  Sister Messias Da Silva was not in their apartment but she gave us a copy of her flag from Brazil.  They all come with great spirits and great desire!  Hard not to love them!

We also get to see new missionaries arrive…Elder Liao, came while President Parker was up north, Sister Smith and I were fortunate to fill in…besides he came at a decent hour!

Minnesota’s loss, Adelaides gain.  Elder Liao is from Minneapolis Minnesota.  He has been at BYU for 3 semesters.  Comes with ability to speak Mandarin!  Wonderful addition for the mission.  We are looking forward to working with him.  It fills the empty space created by the leavers!!

Elders too are loved and missed….!

Two days later….same scenario, different missionary.  Elder Hamilton was one of the great trainers of our mission.  Upper left, LtoR, Elder Hamilton, Hobby, Smith and Miague!  The rest were at the airport waiting for his flight, 6:00 am departure.(Yawn).  He has one of the great smiles in this world!  He came with a larger group but left early to get back into school!  Good luck and God speed!

Sister Missionaries we love and hate to see leave…Sister Washburn

Parting is such sweet sorrow…Sister Washburn was one of the great ones.  We were blessed to be able to get better acquainted with her on the way to the airport.  Top left to right,  Sisters Draney, Washburn and Marshall…they look great considering it was 4AM!   President Parker, Sister Parker, bottom right watching her leave and we used our magnet on the back of our phone to take this selfie!  Sister Washburn is from Bountiful and we will miss her!

Our latest investigator to have in our home….Neil, his English name. 

  Neil is from mainland China.  He is a student of accounting.  His father is an engineer and his mother is a sociologist(psychiatrist?).  He is investigating the church and has broken English but is getting better.  He is a very nice respectful person and we enjoy being with him.   It is great to be with the investigators at least some of the time.  Elder Hobby and Miage serve in the area around the mission home.  We used the television for the 1st time to show the restoration film to him.  Elder Hobby worked his miracles of technological know how and we appreciated knowing the it works!!!

Wonderful missionaries that we love and admire…

Sister Purvis and Sister Messias Da Silva are two wonderful sister missionaries.  They could smile people into the church!  Sister Messias Da Silva is from Brazil and sister Purvis is from Riverton, Utah.   I am practicing some medicine in Australia, removing sutures from Sister Rohlfings forehead.  I also want everyone to know that I have a road named after me.  My reputation must have preceded me!  Sister Withingtons famous butterfly cupcakes.  They are as good as they look.  We love being around the mission and missionaries.