Home Sweet Home, away from Home!

We arrived at our Flat to find a gorgeous apartment with a built in bowling alley, anyway a long hall.  That is Sister Smith at the end of it!  It has 3 bed rooms, a storage room, one car garage, full of bicycles for new arriving Elders/Sisters and 2 refrigerators for food and lots of storage for food preparation items.  We have been to Costco once already.  Not a great deal different than at home except it had no Kirkland ice cream, sob!  The lower left picture shows an upside down dryer over the washer, installed so that Marilyn can reach it!  We got into making cookies for the office the 1st day we were there, as we didn’t have a great deal of anything else to do!  And the upper right is our living room with kitchen to the left.  It is so comfortable and would have been appreciated I’m sure by any of our missionaries in the family!  We have loved the last 3 days of being here.  We watch general conference again this weekend as they delay it one week to avoid early morning showings.

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, away from Home!

  1. Is Adelaide your permanent spot? What are they assigning you to do? It looks like you are both doing well! You are in our prayers.


    1. Yes Adelaide is our permanent home for now. They need our help here because the Zobrist’s had to leave. Your dad is doing bikes and cars right now because it’s transfer day and we just got back from the temple with the leavers group, set up and prepared pizza, etc lunch. Soon we go to pick up ham and am fixing Heathers famous salad for the “leavers” dinner. It’s wonderful- it’s like being with my family all the time but now my family is even larger.


  2. This looks so nice and what a treat to be a part of a baptism right off. Thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers? How cold is it?


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