On the way! And arrival, finally!

We stopped in Auckland, New Zealand, long enough to talk someone into taking our picture!.  It is a beautiful country as noted in flying out, we arrived at 5:35am and it was dark.  We missed the entire 4th of April, so we will look for it on the way home!  Upon arrival the President and his wife met us at the airport, dropped off our stuff at our flat(apartment to Americans) and then took us and the Rolfings out to lunch.  The Rolfings are from SLC and live by Hogle Zoo!  Have been blessed to have very little jet lag!  We’ll probably pick that up on the way back as well.

One thought on “On the way! And arrival, finally!

  1. I’m Heather’s friend Amy Duke and the daughter of Elder & Sister Rohlfing. It will be fun to watch your mission here on your blog. (Heather gave me the address.) So glad you’re there with my parents. They are so grateful to have you there, and we love your family here in North Salt Lake. Our Connor is good friends with Drew. Best of luck there in Australia!


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