More Farewells…parting is such sweet sorrow!

This group shows how small the world of the church is.  Upper left is Elder Baker, a one time resident of Draper, Utah, my hometown.  Elder Heindel to his right, then Elder Koch from Henderson where we now live and Elder Punou from Tahiti, a place I would like to visit someday!  Elder Komaisavai is in the middle right and lower left picture.  When I took him to get checked in for his flight, he had extra baggage that we needed to pay for.   We had already waited in a long line to check in and then they sent us to another area to pay for the baggage.  The lady helping us was being trained and it was taking a long time to get done, we were running up against the time he would miss the flight.  I was trying not to looked exasperated but I don’t think I did a good job but after they finished I was leaving and heard him say to the Lady….”Thank you, you did a very good job.”   And he shook her hand.  Another learning experience in love and kindness by one of the Lord’s chosen servants.  We love the missionaries.  They are great examples to us.

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