Christmas with the missionaries of the Firle and City Zones. The Parkers gave all missionaries stockings with alll sorts of goodies! Afterwards we went into the chapel and watch the movie, “The Spirit of the Game”. For those who aren’t movie buffs, its about a mormon basketball team in Australia that helped the Olympic team of Australia prepare for the olympics in 1956 and they ended up playing the Olympic teams from many countries, losing only to USSR. They didn’t play the USA but was the year that Bill Russell played for them. The thought and spirit of the movie was there, the uniforms were right on for the period but the actors hardly appeared to have a great deal of skills. How negative of me! Top left picture top left corner, Sister Terriihaunui, Sister Collins and Sister Barker; top right, Elder Kuru and Sister Leaupepe, lower right, Elder Li and lower left Sister Jorrakhe, Sister Purvis and Sister Troescher. Lower right and upper left, Elders Shum and Dietze, clockwise The Rohlfings, Sister Parker, Elders Chen, Salcedo and Liao!

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