YSA goes Lazer…tagging that is.

We had a fun evening with the YSA group in Mildura, which was augmented by Stake YSA leaders from Adelaide, they came for Ward Conference and we had a night out on the town or village or berg! Sister Smith and I were the targets for everyone to aim at. We were really good at that. We made all who played feel good about their efforts.

Elder & Sister Snell – Self Reliance Legends!

IMG_0522Legends because they have been master motivators, facilitators, and teachers of the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  Self Reliance Program.   Here, in Australia, they have had great success in working with the missionaries and the members!  Top picture L-R Sister Auatabu, Elder Fala, Elder Smith, & Sister Manukau.  Elder Smith & Elder were trying to be helpful to Sister Snell but ended up coping over her only copy of the English language test applications!  But Sister Snell was brilliant and somehow found another copy and saved the day! We absolutely adore this amazing Senior Couple and will miss them greatly as they head for home, England, in early May, 2018.


Mildura district/zone activity… Birthdays!!,volleyball and games!

IMG_0527Our activity was a success. We did the volleyball thing, then came in church for lunch –  sang to our Birthday Elders – Bryner, Shortland, and Siaw – and games. Bohnanza and Pirates games were hits. Bean fields were springing up all over the place and throwing the dice made two Las Vegans feel right at home. We had a wonderful day full of joy and goodness. Having sisters in the district is such a plus. We love all the missionaries!  Refreshed! Now pressing forward again. – finding God’s precious sheep.