Another group of great arrivers!  Top left to right Elder Bryner, Elder Burdge and new arrivers Elder Uili and Tauti.  Center L to R. Sisters Sua, Samita, Auatabu, Afualo, Tokuma and Fossett.  Bottom Sister Saoloto-Faalavaau(just like its spelled!), Sister Thompson, Sister Wang, Starling and Jackman!  Dinner provided by Chez Smith’s Catering service.  We love these missionaries!

Our trip to Port Pirie with The Andersons!

We took a day to go to Port Pirie to inspect the Elders flat(a celestial rating given)!  It takes under 3 hrs to go one way.  On the way we noted the Lavendar Lake, is different color when clouded over.  Middle, Elders Smith, Angelo, Nelson and Anderson.  Below, we treated at KFC, which is the happening eating place in our mission.  We definitely found it to be finger licking good as it doesn’t come with utensils!  These are two great missionaries and they had a baptism the following week after our leaving them.!

The tall and the short of it…..mostly tall!

As you can tell, our 6′ 9″ future BYU cougar has arrived in our mission,   Elder Lee from Idaho.  He is the only person I have ever been able to stand in front of and not cover his face!  The basketball playing elders are grateful to have him in their midst.  Pick up games are won more frequently!  Sisters at office(left to right), Sister Troescher, Buyanbadrakh(pronounced just like it is spelled), Teuira and Grader.  Two other sisters in our flat, Sister Matthes and Sister Monakau(pronounced Monaco).  As they say in Australia,  “All Good”!

Our seniors FHE at the Snell’s house with a stimulating exercise called the baked bean boogie, something sister Snell invented for old people.  The music was up beat the company kept was definitely struggling with the boogie!  The perseverance paid off as the refreshments were superb.(Baked Bean sundaes anyone?)

Well, we met and went on a hike with the Andersons!  They are from a town 30 miles from Sister Smiths sister in Washington.  In fact her husband Lynn would cut his sun flowers at his farm.  Small world, made smaller by the church.!  We were able to see 4 koalas on our hike.  As you can tell by the clothing, spring is upon us and everything is getting green!

We were able to meet the Halls at church today.  He was a missionary here in Adelaide when I was in France, 1967ish!  They came back to see the area and meet with those who he knew then.  We had the opportunity to have them in our flat and then Brandon the great, came and was able to eat with us.  It was a wonderful way to spend a sabbath!