A day in the life….of missionaries.

Upper picture, Prospect elders at Costco! Sitting down to eat their hotdogs! We asked them what else was on the menu and they said 2 whole pizzas, which they were waiting for by using the dogs as hors d’ouvres! Some hefty appetites in that group. Lower lef moving day for the King William elders, LtoR. Elders Maddock, Li, and Huot! Lower right Elders Salguero and Bennion showing off their very well organized dessert fridge. The other fridge is for the main courses! Ya gotta love em!

Another Great Great missionary bites the dust…rather goes home!

A great servant of the Lord has left us.  Elder Christy from Sydney has returned home!  He will do great things in his life.  We hope to see him in Provo as he has plans to go the BYU!  He will be whatever he wants to be as he has great talents already!  We have worked with him in the Zone that we are assigned to and we inspect the flat he was in.   It was a tearful goodbye.

The Bunyip!  A Halloween nightmare….kind of!

Well, we are standing in front of the Murray Bridge Bunyip!  An aboriginal mythical creature that they have tried to create in the form of  a swamp creature.  It hasn’t been touched since created and they have allowed the place to not only look like but smell like a swamp!  Seniors from LtoR, Sisters Sennett, Flanders, Petree, Elder Withington, Sisters Withington and Snells, Elder Snell(our two couples from England) and next to us the Rohlfings!  You may note by the weather, Summer is coming upon us!  It will be a nice, sunny and warm Christmas!

A trip down the River …Kwai…I mean Murray!

Captain Elder Smith,  a trip on the Murray River with senior couples, a great time had by all.   Wonderful company and amazing scenery.  The Wild life here is strange but beautiful.  The birds are just very colorful and the Cockatoos that would cost $100’s are flying in great flocks throughout the area.  We are starting to get where we enjoy getting out and seeing the countryside.  A very peaceful place!