Red Hot Peppa’s anyone?!!

We had the Young family that lives behind us over for some pepper tasting. We inherited a garden from the Buckners(previous senior couple in Mildura) and a plant of hot peppers came with it. The tasting ritual went well until it came to the little fellow front and center(Jackson). He had difficulty comprehending that his mouth wasn’t going to burn up and spent a few minutes letting the world know about it. The family members are from LtoR Emily, Andrew, Jackson, Connor, also Cody (Andrew’s mate) and Memphis gulping water. I did my part but didn’t chew into it.

The Berri Branch, a happening place!

Upper left, we met the newest convert in the branch, Sister Lucy. She is from the Solomon Islands, upper middle the Perkins family, converts of a year, Upper right Shirley in center with her friend. Shirley owns a second hand store in Berri. Right center Samantha Patel with President McKay, Sister McKay and their son Ryan(1st councilor in branch presidency), lower right the Murray river, lower left, Elders with Samantha and Sister Smith

April General Conference

IMG_0518We had the missionaries at the chapel for general conference and some in our home as they missed the Saturday sessions..  Top picture of missionaries plus Brother Seve from the bishopric in the middle.  Lower left, Sister Smith with Sisters from the ward.  LtoR: Sister Lei, Fereti, Smith and Seve.   A wonderful weekend.

Visitors for Easter!

IMG_0498We love this family and have adopted them as our own!  They have been a great cure for homesickness for our children and grandchildren.  Some of the highlights of their visit:  The special Croatian Breakfast they lovingly prepared Easter morning before we all went to church, coloring Easter eggs, playing games, The Easter egg hunt, the River trip and Gem shop, The Sabbath meal as the Savior may have eaten: bread, nuts, meat, fruit, the blending of our two favorite families (over the fence and in the yard, and the late night visit.  Such a beautiful memory!