Julie Ann’s Baptism

Well, we went to Julie Ann’s baptism, what a wonderful day.  Her 16 year old son baptized her and both were beaming afterward.  Elders Hobby and Miage were also pleased.  It brought a family closer together.  Next stop, Temple.  It is good to see the fruits of the missionaries efforts.  

Night at the tri-stake missionary meeting…it also is Skype to Darwin and Alice Springs…

This fireside was special as our good friend and recent convert Brother Nayda spoke at it.  He did a great job and is a very humble person with an amazing story.  He is in center of upper right picture.  Elder Christy is with Sister Smith in top left.  He is zone leader in the Modbury zone.  He is from Australia and is an amazing leader.  Sisters Grader, new convert Pauline and Sister Teriihuanui(pronounced just like it was Hawaiian).  Sisters White and Matthes in the middle with myself and Brother Nayda bringing up the lower left.  It was the last night for the zone leaders in upper right picture, Elders Ellingson and Luetele to be together as Elder Ellingson went to Darwin on the next transfer.  Elder Riding in the middle was being trained by them.    Love the missionaries!!!!

Our Modbury Zone.  We are part of it and stay with them for the entire conference…till about 6:00pm…a little past my bedtime!

Top row are the birthday missionaries that fall since last zone conference.  It was the exact day of Sisters Smiths birthday(June 22).  Tops with Sister Smith left to right, Sister Washburn, Elder Bennion, Elder Mikami and Elder De la Cruz.  The companions of all the missionaries had opportunity to tell what their companions had taught them.  Your mother has taught me about Charity and I shared that with the zone.  We are showing off our new selfie phone, actually our old one but with a magnet on the back to stick it to metal for taking selfies of groups or whatever.  

To the Airport with the Missionaries returning home…Glad vs. Sad

Sister Smith and I went to the airport at 4:00 am to get the missionaries leaving to their 6:00am planes.  Sister Kosoltrakul(sounds like kosontracun) and Elder Taleo.  She to Thailand and he to Vanuatu!  Both were great missionaries and so fun to be around.  It is hard to see any of them leave but especially the great ones.  By the end of their missions they are all great.  

Another missionary experience through one of Sisters Smiths healing hugs!

The Chesneys, sister Julie Ann and Brandon.  Brandon is 16 and has been baptized for about 9 months.  He goes out with the missionaries usually 3 or 4 times a week.  He loves the gospel.  We had them in our home for one of her lessons, she has been having them for a while, this was the night that she told her son and the missionaries that she wanted to be baptized.  Sister Smith got so excited she put off the discussion for a bit of her celebratory hugging.  We love the people and are grateful for the missionaries to allow us to be part of their teaching process.  We are “Catching the Wave in Adelaide!

Jack of all trades master of none….a bit of laundry repair work.  The pretty side of our missionaries!

We have started to help out in the area of flats(that would mean apartments not tires)repairs and thus have replaced some washing machines, fixed lights, checked stoves, etc.  The couple who is over that area were just swamped with physical labor type stuff, so the President has 2 more couples helping them out.  The other picture is of some of the sister missionaries, from l to r: Sister Maea, Sister Ormond and Sister Starling.  They are some of the great missionaries in the mission.  I don’t remember any being that young when I was serving in France!